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No-Parking Board Advertising

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No-Parking boards are one of the most effective means to advertise and reach the target audiences. These boards can be installed in market places, residential areas, park boundaries, etc.


No-parking board advertising helps in creating brand awareness as it is advertised in prime locations such as advertisement on residential gates and commercial buildings.


No Parking board advertising is noticed by a wider audience as it is noticed not only by the resident but also by bystanders and people who are just passing by.
No-Parking boards can be made using both Sunpack sheets and Tin Plates.


No-Parking board sunpack is cheaper and affordable. Sunpack No Parking board advertising is done through plastic corrugated sheets which are low cost and lightweight.


On the other hand, No-Parking board tin plate or Metal No Parking boards are robust and more durable than sunpack No Parking boards. The metal or tin sheets No-Parking boards are the traditional form for using No-Parking board advertising. These sheets are strong, durable, long lasting and weatherproof.


No Parking board advertising is popular not only in metro cities but also in Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities. Advertisers in India understand the importance of using No-Parking board advertising in BTL outdoor activities. In fact, No Parking board’s unique positioning at eye level generates high visibility. No Parking boards are cost effective and effective in marketing.


No parking boards are generally made in the size 1 x 1.5ft (12 x 18 inches).

– Creates Brand Awareness/ Generates Curiosity
– Advertisement on gates of residential and commercial buildings
–  Affordable Outdoor Advertising
– Positioned at eye level, easily noticeable advertising.
– Popular in Tier 1, 2, 3 cities in India
– Wider Target Audience


Adlink Publicity is the leader in providing No-Parking board advertising services. We are manufacturer, printer as well as service provided for No-Parking board advertising across India.

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