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Sunpack Sheet

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Sunpack Sheet is a Polypropylene corrugated sheet which is used in outdoor advertising campaigns. It is also known as flute/kite boards in various parts of the country.


We at Adlink Publicity are a manufacturer as well as printer of sunpack sheets. Moreover, we have an in-house printing facility for both screen printed and 4 color digital printed sunpack sheets.


We provide high-quality sunpack sheets which are made of superior quality polypropylene resin thus making our sunpack sheets extremely durable and weatherproof.


Adlink Publicity offers sunpack sheets in various colors, sizes, thickness and designs as per the client requirement.


Sunpack sheets have a wide application in outdoor advertising, pole advertising, advertising near market places and residential areas.


Sunpack sheets are printed either through Screen Printing or through 4 Color Digital Printing. Screen printed sunpack sheets are cheaper and more affordable with long-lasting solid color printing. On the other hand, 4 Color Digital printed sunpack sheets are used for designs which contain images and have more complex logos.

We provide the best quality material and printing of Sunpack Sheet and No-Parking Board in Delhi NCR.


Installers for Sunpack sheet and No-Parking boards can also be provided to our clients. Our sunpack sheet printing workshop uses both screen printing and offset printing techniques to make high-quality Sunpack Kiosks, Sunpack Sheet and No-Parking Boards.
We are able to manufacture, print and supply superior quality sunpack sheets across India with time bound delivery and affordable pricing.


Sizes Commonly used in Sunpack sheet outdoor advertising are:
1 x 1.5ft (12 x 18 inches) Sunpack & No-Parking board with 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness
1.5 x 2ft (18 x 24 inches) Sunpack Printing with 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness
–  2 x 2ft (24 x 24 inches) Sunpack Kite Sheet/ Sunpack Kiosk with 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness
2 x 3ft (24 x 36inches) Sunpack Pole Kiosk/ Sunpack Printing with 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness.

General Sizes for Sunpac Sheet used by Schools, Institutes & Colleges (Education Industry) are:
– 1.5 x 2ft (18 x 24 inches) Sunpac Printing with 3mm
–  2 x 2ft (24 x 24 inches) Sunpac Kite Sheet/ Sunpac Kiosk with 3mm


Sunpack Printing/ Sunpack Flute Board / PP Corrugated Sheet / Sunpack Sheet Printing in Delhi NCR
– Thickness 3mm, 4mm and 5mm
– Highly Durable
– Attractive and Appealing Pole Kiosks
– Multi Color
– Cost Effective
– Multiple Sizes
– PAN India Delivery

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